Online Pharmacy

Timber View Home Delivery allows our clients to purchase products, medications, prescription foods, flea, tick, heartworm and supplements from our store and have it delivered to your home (in many cases the shipping is FREE!).

TIMBER VIEW HOME DELIVERY is EASY TO USE, provides ACCURATE PRODUCT DELIVERY, sells products as LOW PRICES, keeps track of your refills, and works in conjunction with Dr Sara's recommendations.


OR CALL 1-877-738-4443 to get started. The pharmacy name is VetSource!

At your next visit, we will explain more about this service and how it can benefit you. In the meantime, feel free to create your own account and get to know our new service for yourself. Note: When you create your own account, it will ask you to choose which of the pet names listed belongs to you. This is very important as it verifies your specific account in Timber View's database with the newly created Home Delivery account. ALL pets in the Timber View database under your family will be available after you log-in.